Janay here! Story time!

I am a 25 year old free spirited adventurer! My interest in photography began at about the age of 14/15 years old. I spent the past few years working at office jobs but always knew I wanted to do something more, something to freeze time since exploring and memories are so important to me! Being in front of the camera was always my preference but once I got behind one, just to try it out to see.....I fell in love! I started doing as many free shoots as I possibly could on weekends while still working downtown at a law firm. Eventually I started doing shoots for people starting at $35 for an hour and a half (crazy I know LOL), and saved up enough money for the right equipment. I had some shoots lined up so I did the crazy entrepreneur thing, took a chance on myself, and I left the corporate world to pursue this dream! Out of all of the memories I get to photograph my absolute favorite thing is couples! Catching unspoken sweet exchanges between two people head over heels for each other has me hooked! I am always genuinely excited to witness and photograph each couple's unique love upon every booking!

Aside from photography I love exploring, wondering, adventuring, traveling, any variation of that word! Lol. Finding little hidden mom+pop shops, picturesque locations, and places that make me feel like I'm staring in my own wanderlust movie is what makes me feel alive! Also, FOOD! I am a big foodie! My father is a wedding cater - so food has always been my life! Experiencing new foods, creating little food tours of unique places in my area, taking photos of my food with everything placed perfectly (yes I am that instagram person LOL!) is my absolute favorite!

All in all, I love traveling/experiencing new things, eating unique foods, dancing till my feet fall off, enjoying your wedding with you, and falling in love with life/new things every day!

Living life like I won't ever get these moments back is what drives my passion to capture and create unforgettable days for myself in my personal life as well as all of my clients in my business!

Quick Facts!

  • I enjoy the beach more at night than in the morning!
  • I LOVE going on cruises! It's an all in one vacation, it's perfect!
  • I have two cats that I love more than most humans!
  • I was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut!
  • I want to travel to Greece and Bora Bora!
  • I'm a sucker for glitter and twinkle lights!
  • I wanted to be a movie star growing up!
  • I am secretly obsessed with cars!
  • I love doing special effects cosmetics!
  • I love performing in any synchronized choreography on stage (did acting/stunting/cheer for 10+years)!
  • I'm obssesed with sunglasses but lose almost half of all of the ones that I buy! LOL